Bogus Medicare call targets seniors' bank accounts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Call For Action reported in November on this bogus phone scam targeting Medicare recipients. Now we received a tip that the con artists continue to go after the elderly. 

Last fall, Al Bean and his wife received one of the bogus calls. The caller first asked them to confirm information such as their name and address.

"Then he asked for banking information," Bean recalled. 

His wife was on the phone and did not fall for the trick.

"Very soon after that he (the caller) terminated the call," Bean said. 

A Medicare spokesperson told Call For Action these types of calls happen across the country.  They are more common this time of year while seniors sign up for and make changes to their prescription drug coverage. 

"Medicare is never going to call you and ask you for information, especially information that we already have in our system about you," Medicare spokesperson Julie Brookhart said. 

If you receive a phone call from someone trying to get personal information for Medicare, you should hang up and immediately report the call to Medicare. The number to call is 800-Medicare or 800-633-4227.  

Call For Action will continue to keep a watchful eye out for this and other scams and warn you about them. 

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