Call For Action helps home security customers get back hundreds of dollars

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A tempting deal to make you feel safe at home went bad when a rebate company closed down, leaving two Kansas City homeowners out hundreds of dollars.

Star Rebates, Inc., promised to send consumers' monthly rebate checks if they signed up for ADT Home Security Service. Star Rebates has since closed its doors.

Last October, Call For Action reported that Janet Barker and her neighbor, Roger Neu, signed up for ADT after an authorized dealer pitched them the rebate program.

Consumers who signed up and spent $100 on groceries and $100 on gas each month could send in their purchase receipts to Star Rebates. In exchange, the company would send them up to $40 a month in rebate money.

Soon after signing up, both Neu and Barker stopped receiving rebate payments.

"I did get two checks. That was it. For a year or more, I have not received a thing from them," Neu said in October. 

More than 560 consumers nationwide filed complaints against Star Rebates with the Better Business Bureau. Barker and Neu tried to contact Star Rebates and ADT, but they say they got nowhere. They next contacted Call For Action.

ADT issued the following statement in October:

"ADT has never had a relationship with Star Rebates. Our authorized dealers are independent companies, but in 2011 we asked them to discontinue working with Star Rebates because of customer complaints brought to our attention. Nevertheless, if customer complaints surface, we notify the dealer of record so they can remedy the situation immediately. ADT's first priority is its customers."

After CFA contacted ADT and explained the problem, the company reached out to both consumers.

Last week, two months after CFA got involved, Barker received a reimbursement check from ADT for nearly $800 a piece. 

"I was very happy. It is a sizable amount of money," Barker said. "I really appreciate your efforts. "

Neu also contacted Call For Action last week stating he too received a reimbursement check from ADT for $785. 


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