Couple fed up after BPU fails to fix billing address error

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A utility bill mailed to the wrong address can result in a huge problem for a homeowner.  An unpaid bill can lead the utility to shut off power unexpectedly.

Ed and Sue Reich of Kansas City, Kan., realized the consequences when they discovered their BPU bill was being sent to the wrong address.

“We've tried to be perfect all of our life. This is a real snag. It's bothering me,” Sue said.

The couple discovered the Board of Public Utilities sending their monthly statement to the wrong house number, 2426 instead of the correct address, 2420.  The bill would eventually make it to their home after the postman spotted the mistake, crossed through the wrong house number and wrote down the correct one.

“All my bills come to the right address, except BPU," Ed said.

They tried to get BPU to correct the address error and called BPU customer service.

“Ed called and he had to wait and wait and wait, you know how it is.  Finally got a human being and that guy said there isn't anything they can do,” Sue said.

They even contacted a BPU board member who they know, but were told he couldn’t help either.  So, they finally contacted Call for Action.

We contacted BPU who at first said the mistake comes from the Unified Governments records. But, the Reichs’ county tax bill shows their correct address.  After informing BPU of this, a spokesman checked again and quickly corrected their billing address.

The Reichs didn’t think it would be this difficult.

"With all this new technology, they ought to be able to push a button and have it solved,” Sue said.

If you have an address or billing error, it's always best to start with customer service.  Do not forget to be persistent.  If that does not work, contact Call for Action by submitting your complaint to us online.

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