Customers angry after door-to-door window washer doesn't deliver

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - At nearly $90 a gallon, the cleaning product Tuf Job would seem like a tough sell.

But last December, David Lowry went door to door in the Mills Farm subdivision of south Overland Park, peddling this product.  He convinced several people to buy it, customers who have now contacted Call for Action.

“He would name drop people on the block,” Angie Hernandez said, who spent $179 for two gallons.

So did Vanessa Perry.

"He kind of named some neighbors that he had sold to and did windows for,” Perry said.
The Tuf Job website calls the product a “wonder cleaner” that’s “biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe!!”

To drive home this point, several customers tell Call for Action Lowry actually tasted the product in front of them.

“Yes he did…said it was so good for the environment and squirted it into his mouth,” Donna Weninger said.

But what really sold these consumers was Lowry’s promise to send a crew back in the spring to wash their windows.  He had customers make checks out to a woman named Joy Edge.  Our calls to Edge were not returned.

"It was more of the window washing included... I thought it was a good deal,” Perry said.

That was in December and January.  Neither Lowry nor his window washers have returned to clean any windows.  

The Better Business Bureau lists Crown Products, a company listed on the Tuf Job label, as out of business.

Customers have called Lowry and say they heard excuses.  Seven customers filed complaints with Call for Action.
The Tuf Job salesman was a tough guy to find.  The cleaning product label just lists a P.O. box number, not an actual building address.  We recently found Lowry at a home in Shawnee listed in Edge’s name.

When asked why it is taking so long to return to wash windows, Lowry said, “Not going to be out there until the middle of June for windows."

Lowry blames the delay on the weather.  During our meeting, he agreed to refund money to any customer who contacted Call for Action.

“My bottom line is this, if they want their money back, call me," Lowry said. 

Lowry first promised Call for Action he would get everyone refunded by Monday of this week and then said it would be Wednesday or Thursday.  So far, no one has received their money back. We will keep you posted on any developments.

Customers just want to warn others about what’s happened to them.

“I think the biggest thing is to really let people not fall victim to the same thing that I did,” Hernandez said.

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