Customers wonder if custom sandal maker walked away with their money

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Sheri Reymond of Overland Park loves a good pair of Stephen Bonnano sandals.

"I've had these I think about five years," Reymond said as showed off her first pair.  

Reymond owns three pairs of the pricey slip-ons. Many cost over $100.

In January, Reymond got an email for a 50 percent off sale. She immediately told her friend, Amy Hammons.

"You can go onto their website and pick your style, pick your color," Hammons said. "They're a unique piece of footwear."  

And there's the Jackie Onassis factor. The fashionable first lady has been photographed wearing a pair back in the day, which makes them more attractive to savvy and stylish shoppers.  

Both Reymond and Hammons placed their orders and paid for the sandals back in January.  Now, eight months later, they continue to wait for them.

They tried to call and email the Florida based company but got nowhere.

"This is a little frustrating," Hammons said.

The company told West Palm Scripps station WPTV each sandal takes two hours to make. The sale brought overwhelming demand.  Customers placed more than 4,000 orders.

"I'm mostly concerned that the company has gone out of business," Reymond said.  

Stephen Bonnano says his company is not closing and that orders are going out daily.

A statement on the company website apologizes to customers for any inconvenience.

As for Reymond and Hammons, the company says their new sandals should be delivered in a week.

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