Call For Action: DA files action against Olathe car dealership

OLATHE, Kan. - The Pride Suzuki dealership in Olathe is officially out of business.  

Following action taken by the Johnson County District Attorney's office, the players involved will most likely never be able to sell cars in the county again.

Call For Action first reported on Pride Suzuki last summer .

Mark Taylor went to the dealership in June after getting an offer in the mail for a prize.  

Taylor is mentally challenged. He left the dealership without a prize but with a used minivan. Taylor said he felt pressured into buying the van. 

"My intentions were to bring it home, test drive it and then bring it back the next morning," Taylor said.    

Now, the Johnson County District Attorney's office has filed a petition against Pride Suzuki or T and R Associates, LLC.

Dana Ribaste of Kansas City, Mo., is listed in the DA's filings as the owner.

Documents state 64,000 mailings went out to Johnson County homes to promote three sales events last year.

Court filings state the dealership violated the Kansas Prize Notification Act by failing to disclose the value of the prize and the odds of winning.  They also failed to tell customers they had to hear a sales presentation first -- and they also failed to provide a prize at all.  

Taylor told the DA's office he thought he had to test drive vehicles before claiming a prize.  After three and a half hours in the dealership, Taylor "unknowingly" traded his pickup for a used van he couldn't afford.

A soft spoken Taylor described his feelings toward the experience as, "Mostly angry and upset and disappointed, too."

Taylor's father went to the dealership and paid $1,400 dollars to get his son's truck back. They contacted Call For Action, which then called Pride Suzuki. The dealership eventually refunded the Taylors their money. 

The DA charged Pride Suzuki with 13 counts of deceptive and unconscionable acts and practices. The defendants cannot sell cars in Johnson County and face a $75,000 fine. They are also accused of selling two customers used cars without a valid title.

Pride Suzuki sold the land the dealership sits on and the building itself to another business last fall. 

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