Defense attorney calls into question landlord's 'mental issues'

OLATHE, Kan. - Edy Hinton faced a Johnson County judge again Thursday on theft and obstruction charges, the same charges that brought her before a Johnson County judge one year ago. Those charges were eventually dropped after Hinton underwent a mental evaluation that determined she was unfit to stand trial. 

The Johnson County District Attorney re-filed the charges this month after the Call For Action investigation showed Hinton this year pocketing extra money from her section eight tenants.

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In the courtroom Thursday, Hinton shied from our camera by covering her face with a surgical mask, glasses and scarf. A public defender has been assigned to represent Hinton.

Prosecutors believe Hinton can afford her own attorney. She was ordered to fill out a financial affidavit.

Hinton's public defense attorney, Mark Dupree, said in court that Hinton will fill out the document. But he also raised a question about her mental state. 

"It's going to take just a little bit of time to get that affidavit filled out since Miss Hinton is dealing with certain psychological and mental issues," Dupree told the judge. 

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Our investigation discovered Hinton filled out a financial affidavit when she was originally charged with the crimes. At that time, Hinton claimed she could not afford to hire her own attorney. The court document shows Hinton said she did not earn income from rental property. However, the Kansas City Housing Authority confirmed to Call For Action that she was paid more than $2,500 in rental payments at that time. 

Hinton is out of jail on bond. Another hearing is scheduled for January.

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