Do prescription discount cards really save you big bucks?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You may have received one in the mail-- they are prescription drug cards that promise you big savings on your next trip to the pharmacy.  Many consumers who get one of these wonder if they are legitimate or a rip off.

Julie Myer of Kansas City, Mo., recently received the Simplicity Health Savings card in the mail which promises to save consumers up to 65 percent on prescriptions.

Myer contacted Call for Action to find out more about it.

"Our prescription stuff isn't the greatest (at work)," she said. "I thought it's worth checking out."

Pharmacy discount cards flood mailboxes across the metro and the country these days. One common card from "Healthcare Alliance" promises to save you money on "Every FDA-approved prescription medication at pharmacies everywhere." 

It also claims three million cardholders "have saved over $200 million to date."

"These cards are created to help out the underinsured and uninsured patients," Seth Williams with The University of Kansas Hospital pharmacy said.  

Call for Action asked Williams to do a price comparison on popular medications.   With the drug Crestor, Williams found no savings, but he did with a generic brand.

"I plugged in generic Lipitor 20 mg, a 90-day supply.  It saved about $50 on the overall cost of the drug," he said.

If you have questions, it's best to take the discount cards with you to your local pharmacy and simply ask them to do a price comparison.  Also, many pharmacies now offer their own type of discount card which could save you some money as well.

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