Finally, some hopeful news for couple trying to get loan modification

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the first time in months, Tim and Lindey Craft feel hopeful about their home after getting a letter from their new mortgage holder.

"You gotta keep the faith. You gotta remain optimistic. You can't give up," Lindey said. 

In July, Call for Action reported about the Craft's struggle to keep their home and acreage north of Kansas City. Hit by unexpected illness and unemployment, the couple tried to get a loan modification through their lender, Bank of America. They say they got the runaround.

"They either say they haven't received a piece of paper from us which we have sent them or that something has expired because it sat there so long," Tim said. 

Since then, another bank took over the couple's mortgage. This month, M & T Bank sent the Crafts a letter stating the bank has received their information and is in the process of reviewing it.

Call for Action put the Crafts in contact with CHES, Inc, a nonprofit group that helps families fight foreclosure. That's when things started to happen.

"Just the knowledge that someone has all of the paper work and that they acknowledge that they have all the paperwork has been a success," Tim said.

The bank has 30 days to notify the Crafts of its decision on a loan modification.  They hope to know if they will get one just in time for the holidays.

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