Fraud quiz helps educate consumers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Scams go on the rise during the holiday season. How good are you at spotting one?  

Western Union created a fraud quiz to help educate consumers about the latest scams. Many of the cons involve the intended victim wiring money to the person committing the crime.  

This spring, a metro area man got a call from someone claiming to be his grandson in trouble in another country. The man was asked to wire money. When he went to a near Western Union, employees began to ask questions. 

"The red flags were up for us … we just walked and talked through him to make sure he didn't send that $3,000," said grocery store manager Jaysen Pauley.

After that, the man did some checking and found out his grandson was in the country and not in trouble.

The Western Union fraud quiz is a way for consumers to test their knowledge about different possible scam scenarios.

The quiz takes only a few minutes to complete. Take it at

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