Frustrated neighbors contact CFA to get help repairing busted fire hydrant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A busted fire hydrant on your block is not only an eyesore, it’s a huge safety concern for anyone in the neighborhood.

People living near North Congress and NW 74th Terrace saw a hydrant knocked to the ground following an accident.  They contacted the city call center, 311.

"I called the 311 number and reported it. I know several of the other neighbors have done the same. They say they're working on it," resident Michael Hupp said.  

Kansas City has 23,000 fire hydrants. The water department says all are tested annually; less than one percent is broken.

When a hydrant is reported broken, the ones close to schools or hospitals get top priority. Elsewhere, it may take longer.

"There is redundancy built into the system. If you look on this block or the next block, or anywhere in the KC urban area, you'll see more than two hydrants on a block," fire department Spokesman James Garrett said.

In the case of the Northland fire hydrant, city records show neighbors reported the broken fire hydrant

December 19. As weeks passed, some grew frustrated and contacted Call for Action. We contacted the water department January 29 and the hydrant was repaired the next day. 

“It's hard for you to know our log books and for you to know when we are going to be there that's something we are hoping to improve in the years to come," water department Spokeswoman Jennifer Kincaid said. 

If a hydrant on your block is broken or leaking, you can report it to 311 or report it on twitter at @KCMOwater or @KCMO311.   You can also submit your complaint online

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