Google says 'We hear you' to people who missed sign up deadline

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Fiberhoods continue to pop up across the metro, but what happens if someone moves into one after the signup deadline?

Even before Jason Riddle bought his future home in Kansas City, Kan., he checked into Google Fiber. Google claims the ultra-high speed can upload and download a 100 times faster than any other service.

Instead of receiving the new service, Riddle received a disappointing email back stating his area was now closed.

"There were no plans to come back through Wyandotte County to go through the neighborhoods that had past their deadline," Riddle recalled.

He reached out to Google again by live chat, spoke to someone in person and even approached crews installing the network on his street.  Each person told him he had missed the deadline or they could not help him. 

Next, Riddle contacted Call For Action.

"Basically what Google is telling me is that you missed the deadline; so you get to go to the competition that we were brought in to help create," Riddle said.

A spokesperson told Call For Action, "We hear you.  We've gotten a lot of interest from people in closed fiberhoods who still want Google Fiber and we'll have another opportunity for them to sign up in the next few months.  We'll have more information to announce soon."

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