Grandmother 'Calls for Action' after Sprint Center charges $62 phone convenience fee for tickets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When a metro grandmother ordered tickets for her grandchildren to see the show Batman Live at the Sprint Center, she was stunned to see the bill. 

Jackie Tumlin knew her grandkids would love to see the show while visiting her Peculiar, Mo., home over the Thanksgiving holiday. She called the number for the Sprint Center listed in her phone book and ordered four tickets; three for them and one for her son. 

Two days later, she got the tickets via email. The bill included a $62 phone convenience fee. That comes to $15.50 a ticket.

Tumlin was surprised.

"I was shocked. Nobody had mentioned there were any fees added onto the price of the ticket," she said. 

Tumlin contacted Call For Action. AEG Management, which operates the Sprint Center, reviewed Tumlin's phone call. A spokesman said the operator told Tumlin the total price of the order but did not break down the charges and explain the phone convenience fee.

"This is the first time I bought tickets over the phone from the box office … I didn't know to ask," Tumlin said.

After speaking with Call For Action, AEG refunded Tumlin $50 of the $62 phone convenience fee.

"I am very grateful to Call for Action," Tumlin said. "You came to my defense and helped me."

The AEG spokesperson said if customers ask for a breakdown of the fees while ordering tickets over the phone, the call taker will explain them. Fees are spelled out if customers order tickets online. 

The company says it will continue to monitor and see if "this is a recurring situation."

Consumers can often avoid additional fees by buying tickets directly from the Sprint Center box office.

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