Home improvement guru offers money-saving tips to winterizing your home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Want to save some money this winter?  Then it is time to prepare your home for the cold weather blast ahead.

Mike Holmes is the host of the popular HGTV show, Holmes on Homes. His advice when it comes to winterizing your home is to start with the gutters.

"Get the leaves out. That's a good point because an ice damn is easily caused by a blocked spout or downspout," Holmes recently told us. "The snow comes in, freezes, pushes up under the shingles and can do all kinds of moisture damage including mold."

The do-it-yourself home improvement guru also advises to check the insulation in your attic and make sure there is enough of it. Also, Holmes said to check for water damage to make sure the roof is not leaking.

Another good tip is to call in an HVAC expert to check your heating system before they become busy.

"This will save you money down the road. Don't do it when they are really busy and you're trying to turn on the thermostat and it's freezing cold outside. Call them in now," he said.

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