Homeowner cancels bathroom remodel but still gets stuck with a big bill

LENEXA, Kansas - Barry Martens wants to put his Lenexa home on the market. That means, it’s time for a few home improvements.

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Martens recently updated his master bathroom himself.

His original plan was to hire Home Depot to do the remodel at a cost of $8,000. That was in September, 2007.

But the day after signing a contract with Home Depot, Martens says he returned to the Shawnee location and cancelled the order. Martens says he thought he could do the job for a lot less.

Eight months later, he got $1,200 bill in the mail for a restocking fee.

Martens says he made “Numerous attempts trying to contact the corporate office, the Home Depot home office to no avail."

Martens says the day he cancelled the order, he met with a store manager who made copies of his signed agreement. Martens also says he signed and dated the credit card slip.

Then in early 2009, nearly a year and a half after making the order, Martens got a letter from the hardware retailer stating the company was getting out of the bathroom remodeling business and they were cancelling Martens’ remodel project. The letter also states Home Depot “will not charge any scheduled payments.”

But the bills kept coming.

Fees eventually reached $1,800.

Martens tried to get the company to reverse the charge. He eventually called Call For Action. The charges were then dropped.

"They rectified the situation. They brought my account balance back to zero," Marten says.

A Home Depot spokesman told Call For Action in a written statement, “I’m glad we were able to work this out for Mr. Martens in the end; and we're truly sorry for the complications he experienced, regardless of the circumstances."

Relieved with the outcome, Martens says "We can now move forward with our lives, our financial situation. Without having Call For Action, this would not have occurred. I truly believe that."

A Home Depot spokesman says it is important for customers to remember to cancel an order like the one placed by Martens in writing and send it to the retailer in the time allotted in the original contract.

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