Homeowner charged double for water line protection policy

MERRIAM, Kan. - A Johnson County homeowner signed up for peace of mind. Instead, the days and weeks to follow turned into a frustrating ordeal.

Betty Parker ordered a year of coverage from HomeServe USA after getting a flyer in the mail from Water District #1 of Johnson County.

Homeowners can buy a type of insurance policy that covers unexpected breaks to underground water lines and sewer lines on their property. A policy will cover up to $6,000 for two emergency service calls a year.

"I thought ‘Okay, I'll get a year's worth of coverage and I'll send them a check.' So I did," Parker said.

Betty sent a check for $47.88 in June for a year's coverage. Her bank records show the check cleared June 19th.  But three days later, HomeServe debited another $47.90 from her checking account.

When she discovered the error, Parker canceled the service.

HomeServe refunded the first amount she paid but not the second.  Parker says she contacted the company a number of times.

"Very frustrating, very frustrating," she said.

Call for Action contacted HomeServe. 

A representative investigated and said Parker's application was incorrectly coded in their system as a direct debit payment.

Parker's money was refunded after being contacted by CFA.

"I'm so thankful that you were able to help," she said.

HomeServe calls this an isolated incident. 

"No customer should be concerned about it," the company representative said. 

They thanked Call for Action for bringing this to their attention.

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