Industry leader offers help to those riped off by an ad salesman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Four different Kansas City area small businesses have one thing in common -- the owners each paid Sean Pinedo and his company, Cooperative Marketing and Advertising, hundreds of dollars for advertising in hopes of reaching thousands of potential customers.

The ads were supposed to appear on the back of grocery store receipts, but they never did. Pinedo disappeared, leaving unanswered questions and upset customers.

Kevin Simbeck saw the Call For Action reports and contacted us with an offer to those hurt by Pinedo.

"We knew that we wanted to reach out first of all to make sure the clients were taken care of; second of all, to make sure that we protected the industry," Simbeck said. 

Simbeck works at Smart Media / Register Receipt Advertising in Independence, Mo. The company provides receipt ads to 98 percent of the grocery stores in a 150-mile area around Kansas City.

Simbeck offered a free receipt ad to each of the four business owners who paid Pinedo.

Simbeck added, "we don't want people to close their mind because of something that one person did. We want to make sure they understand they have options."

Call For Action has been unable to find Pinedo.

Jim Rooney paid Pinedo $480 to advertise his northland AAMCO Transmission shop, but the ads never appeared at a local grocery store. 

When Smart Media contacted Rooney, he was pleasantly surprised -- "I was so thankful that they came forward and offered to do it," Rooney said.

Simbeck said he does not want the actions of one person to hurt the industry.

"We also want to protect the name of the receipt tape advertising industry," Simbeck said.

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