Insurance counselor describes ACA sign up as "very easy"

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Despite past glitches, consumers can easily sign up for affordable health care, according to counselors trained help people with the process of signing up. 

In Washington D.C. Tuesday, an official with the Obama administration apologized for problems with the healthcare website saying it has "not met expectations."   

But counselors at El Centro in Kansas City, Kan., maintain consumers can still sign up without much trouble.

"It seems very easy," Cielo Fernandez said.

Fernandez is one of four Certified Application Counselors recently trained to help clients, many of them being in the Hispanic community.

While problems continue online, Fernandez said the sign up process can take as little as a half hour if you do it over the phone.

"Most of the families we have been helping would rather use the telephone or hard copy to make application," she said.  "It is so much easier than we thought."

Once signed up, clients will receive information in the mail explaining their different options within a few weeks.

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