Is it worth investing in wedding insurance?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's the day every bride looks forward to; walking down the aisle, surrounded by family and friends.  But sometimes, the wedding day can be tarnished by an unprofessional vendor.

Kelly Jarman contacted Call for Action after the wedding photographer she hired disappeared with all her photos.

"I tried calling and I didn't hear anything,” Jarman said.  “I eventually sent a certified letter.  I got a response.  She even signed for it.  I still didn't hear anything."

This week, the Better Business Bureau in its blog recommends to consumers planning a big event to consider investing in insurance.  An insurance policy can run anywhere from $155 to $550.

"You're making a huge investment, sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars. Never a bad idea to have a backup plan for that type of thing," Aaron Reece with the Better Business Bureau said.  

Insurance can cover problems with the venue, vendors, even weather.

"Once you actually sign up, you really want to read the fine print of the paperwork," Reece said. "It's going to be a narrow set of circumstances for you to get your money back for that."   

The BBB recommends getting insurance sooner rather than later to help avoid headaches.  

Jarman eventually got her photographs back after Call for Action contacted the photographer.  She blamed the delay on a problem with a business partner.

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