Metro hot tub business unexpectedly shut down by state revenue department

MERRIAM, Kan. - A metro hot tub business finds itself in hot water after being shut down by the Kansas Department of Revenue for unpaid taxes.

The department put up a “seized” sign on Spa Heavens front door last week. Spa Heaven sits along the I-35 frontage road north of 75th street in Merriam. 

When reached by phone, owners Bill and Melissa Carter told Call for Action the state’s actions were “unexpected.” They would not comment when asked how much back tax is owed.

Also on the front door, a note was left by one customer wanting to speak with others who are “due a hot tub.”

George Schergen of Kansas City contacted Call for Action after discovering the business shutdown late last week. 

“It’s a little scary," he said. 

Schergen recently spent more than $6,200 for a new hot tub.  He also paid cash to get 3 percent discount knocked off the overall price. Now, he worries about when he might get that spa.  It’s apparently sitting on a truck at the manufacturer in California, ready to make its way to Kansas City but tied up in red tape. 

"Always believe God will work out all the good things for those that trust in him.  To this point, still believe that. It's going to work out somehow,” Schergen said.

Spa Heaven's website still operates, calling itself the area’s premier dealer since 1985.

In 2006, fire ripped through Spa Heaven, causing $700,000 in damages.

"To see your business all engulfed in flames, looked like it's going to be a total loss.  It was as real heartbreaker," Bill Carter said shortly after the blaze.

Call for Action reached out to the Kansas Department of Revenue, but it is closed due to the Memorial Day holiday.  We will continue to follow this story.

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