Metro man gets refund after paying a 40 year old bill for benefits he doesn't remember receiving

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Stephen Doolin feels relieved ever since he came home to find, in his mailbox, a check from the federal government for $279. 

“I felt vindicated. I felt justice had been done," Doolin said.  

In February, Call for Action reported how Doolin got a bill from the Social Security Administration for benefits the agency said he received after his mom died 40 years ago. Doolin went to a local social security office to dispute the bill. He said that got him nowhere. He contacted Call for Action.

"They're just telling me that I owe $279 and I need to pay them by the 28th of February or there are going to be some problems for me and I don't want to deal with the problems," Doolin said in February. 

Doolin paid the bill. But in April, the Social Security Administration announced it would stop collecting debts that were more than a decade old from thousands of Americans, many who reportedly had never heard of the debts. 

Call for Action contacted the agency to see if Doolin would get his money back. The agency told Doolin no.

We then contacted Congressman Emanuel Cleaver's office. Three weeks later, Doolin received his refund check.

“I thank you for your time, your effort and most of all for my money," Doolin said with a chuckle.

If you have received one of these bills, the Social Security Administration says you can dispute it by contacting their agency or a local office.

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