Millions of used cars with recalled parts sold online

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Millions of consumers are buying used cars without knowing about a potential threat to their safety.  

According to Carfax, 3.5 million used cars with an unknown recall were sold online last year alone.

“It's really a concern for people here in the Kansas City area,” Chris Basso said, spokesman for Carfax. “Between Kansas and Missouri, over 250,000 cars with an unfixed recall were for sale online."

It is a reminder for anyone shopping for a used car to check its history for recall information before you buy. Many used car dealerships will check cars and fix recalled parts. They often provide consumers with a print out of the car's history and any recalls before you buy.

"If there is an open recall, call your local franchise dealer and make sure it's been fixed before you lay down your hard earned money,” Basso said.

Recalls have been thrown into the spotlight following massive announcements by General Motors. This week, GM announced a new recall of 1.5 million cars and trucks over safety defects in cars and trucks.  Last month, 1.6 million small cars were recalled for defective engine switches linked to 12 deaths.

"There's tons of information about the car that you want to buy out there online. Make sure you know what you are getting before you lay down your hard earned money," Basso said.

To check for any open recalls, go to Also, many car websites and dealerships offer up a free Carfax report.

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