More consumers targeted by bogus IRS scam

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Scammers posing as IRS employees, threatening to toss you in jail, appear to be upping their game in the Kansas City area.

The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning about the so-called IRS Scam in recent weeks. The IRS says this is number one scam targeting taxpayers. 

Scammers call you on the phone, posing as federal agents with the IRS and threaten to jail you if you do not pay up an outstanding debt.

Martin Lemmink recently got a call and thought he was in trouble. Turns out, the call was bogus. 

"He gave me a name and stated that he was from the U.S. Treasury and that there was some issues with some taxes," Lemmink said.

The Kansas City Better Business Bureau has reported receiving more of these complaints in recent days. 

In a statement to Call for Action, the BBB reminds us:

-The IRS isn't going to call and demand money over the phone.

-The IRS will not threaten people with arrest.

-If you get a threatening call from anyone claiming to be the IRS, hang up and call the agency.

-Watch out for red flags like bullying or hostile behavior.

-Report the activity to your local police, state Attorney General and local BBB.

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