More upset customers speak out following abrupt closing of Spa Heaven

MERRIAM, Kan. - More customers of Spa Heaven are speaking out about its abrupt closing, while more government agencies promise to help consumers who fear they may be out thousands of dollars.

Last week, the Kansas Department of Revenue closed Spa Heaven in Merriam after the owners, Bill and Melissa Carter, failed to pay nearly $60,000 in back taxes.  The assets have been seized and will be sold off to pay back the state of Kansas.

The abrupt closing leaves customers of Spa Heaven like Jim Hagen surprised and frustrated.

“It’s been disappointing. We wanted a hot tub," Hagen told Call For Action.

In April, Hagen put down a $1,000 deposit for a new hot tub at Spa Heaven. It was supposed to be manufactured and delivered in three to four weeks. That didn’t happen. 

Hagen says the owners finally called to say the spa was about to be delivered. The Carters asked for full payment. Hagen put the remaining bill, nearly $7,500, on a credit card. The charge was posted May 13. One week later, Spa Heaven was shut down. 

"Why the state of Kansas would shut down a company. Who knows how many people are affected," Hagen said.

Thursday afternoon, the Kansas Department of Revenue released new information, saying they have turned over “a list of customers to the bank who will be handling the business affairs of Spa Heaven. We expect them to initiate contact.... to put closure to their transactions."

The Johnson County District Attorney’s consumer division is promising to help customers of Spa Heaven. You can file a complaint online or call the consumer hotline at (913) 715-3003.

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