Overland Park police warn about a tow scam

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Overland Park police want you to know about a man claiming to need help after an accident. Police say the man is operating a scam.

Don Brandel was home the morning of Friday, May 17 when a man suddenly appeared. He claimed to have been in an accident nearby at 435 and Antioch with his wife. He said he needed cash to pay the tow truck driver. 

Willing to help, Brandel gave the guy some money. 

"He made you feel sorry for him," Brandel said.

After the guy left, Brandel drove to 435 and Antioch and found no sign of any accident. He called police.

Overland Park police say they have received similar complaints from two people who were taken advantage of by this suspect. Police only have a general description. 

"We have people out there trying to help others out. This is an example of someone else taking advantage of that," OP officer Gary Mason said. 

Police remind us most tow companies don't demand payment if the vehicle is towed to their lot or a body shop.

Cons like this are not uncommon especially during warm weather with people outdoors. 

The scam artist first approached Brandel's wife who was working in the yard. She went to Don for help.

"If you're a giving person, you're going to be taken. If you're not, you're not going to be taken," Brandel said. 

If you have been approached by this man, Overland Park police want to hear from you at 913-895-6000.

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