Phone scam warning: calls claim your debit card has been deactivated

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The latest phone scam is hitting the Kansas City area.

Here’s how this one works: the phone rings, an automatic message warns you that your debit card has been deactivated along with giving instructions on how to fix it. The scammers hope you will fall for it.

"It was a little bit before noon on Monday. I figured right away it was a scam," Carolyn Hoppe said.

She got the call Monday.  The voicemail message said her debit card had been suspended and to reactivate it, she needed to press “1.”

Hoppe had a reason to know it was a scam.

"First of all, I don't have a debit card,” Hoppe said.  “And they didn't say the name of the bank. I didn't push any buttons."

This week, Call for Action spoke with others who received the strange automated message.

Mary Hymer and her co-worker Jan Miller each got the same call just one day apart.

"I hung up and called the bank to check on it.  They said they would not have called," Hymer said.

"I would say it's more disturbing, scary because there's so much of this that's happens these days," Miller said.  

Local banks like UMB, KCB Bank in Gladstone and Commerce are warning customers not to fall for the phone scam.

In a statement, Commerce Bank told us it, “does not call our customers or use automated phone systems to notify customers of deactivation…  We advise our customers to never provide account or personal information to any solicitor.”

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