Property managers hope musical consignment store inventory list will help find instrument owners

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Property managers of a Lee's Summit musical consignment store are left with a mess as they try to locate the owners of the abandoned merchandise and asked Call for Action to help.

The owner of Piersee Piano, Jack Piersee, refuses to answer questions after two customers contacted Call for Action in an effort to locate their missing instruments. They now believe the owner may have sold them. The customers never received payment.

The Missouri Attorney General's office says it is, "Continuing to seek restitution for consumers who were affected by Mr. Piersee's actions.

Property managers provided Call for Action with a list of 13 pianos and organs left behind in the store. They hope publishing it will help locate the rightful owners of the instruments. 

"I was able to work with the sheriff's office. They allowed us to leave the consignment items," property manager Arnold McMann said.

McMann went to court in an effort to collect back rent and clean out the store space. So far, it has been difficult to locate the owners of the remaining instruments without any paperwork or documentation.

"It's our intent to try to reunite the people who have items on consignment with Piersee Piano to get those items back to them," McMann said.

Here is a list of the remaining instruments:

1)      Silvertone Sears Organ - console
2)      Steinway Piano - upright
3)      Yamaha Piano - player
4)      Schafer & Sons Piano – baby grand
5)      Kohler & Campbell Piano – studio
6)      Kimball Piano – baby grand
7)      Hammond Organ – multi register
8)      Lowrey Organ – genie
9)      Lowrey Organ – genie 98
10)   Roland Organ – multi register
11)   Rogers Organ – multi register
12)   Kimball Organ – broadway
13)   Lowrey Organ – holiday genie

If you believe any of these instruments could be yours, contact property managers by calling 816-363-8018 or email at

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