Scam email tries to trick you into thinking you owe a toll way fine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When you travel by car these days, it’s common to encounter a toll way or a few. Sometimes they are not clearly marked and easy to miss.

This summer, scammers hope to convince you that you made a mistake and need to pay up.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about an E-Z pass scam. That is where you get an email saying you owe a toll fee and fine, when in fact, you do not.

If you click on it, malware will attach to your computer, swiping your information.

If you get an email that looks suspicious, keep one thing in mind; no government agency will ever email you to collect a toll or a fine.  

"You really just don't want to click on any attachment because no trusted government agency or anyone sending you a ticket or anything like that would send you an unsolicited email attachment,” Aaron Reese of the Kansas City Better Business Bureau said.   

The BBB offers these tips to protect you from the E-Z pass scam:  

Watch for look alike URLs that have the brand name as a sub-domain of another URL like ",” the BBB suggests.

Don't open attachments to unfamiliar emails. Consider how a business will contact you.  Remember, most will not send an email or even know your email address.

Contact the business. If you're in doubt, simply look up the government agency or business and contact them directly. Don't use a number supplied to you by the email in question.

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