Shopping for a credit card? Websites raise questions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Credit card comparison websites can seem like an easy way for you to shop around for the card that best suits you. But consumers may be left wondering if the card they picked is best for them or the best moneymaker for that website.

Recent surveys done by Time magazine and the consumer advocacy group Consumer Action report many of the comparison websites get a kickback if you eventually click on a credit card site and apply for a card.  

The problem with that, Time reports, is that it leaves the consumer to wonder the card they picked is the best choice.

"Credit card comparison websites are lousy at giving you a comprehensive picture of all the best deals out there," according to Time.

Call For Action checked the Consumer Action website. The advocacy group studied 54 comparison websites, using a checklist of key elements. Out of the 54, only 13 met most or all of the group's criteria, according to the website. 

Consumer Action suggests you do not limit your credit card search to just comparison websites.  

But the websites do get high marks for providing consumers with education and information on credit-related topics.

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