Sign up for Google Fiber if you missed the deadline

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you missed the sign up deadline for Google Fiber and still want it, no need to worry.

Google just announced people in Kansas City, Kan., and central Kansas City, Mo., will have another chance to sign up between now and December 22.

Last month, Call For Action reported about residents upset that they missed the deadline cutoff to sign up. 

Jason Riddle bought a home and moved into a Kansas City, Kan., neighborhood after the signup deadline and could not get Google Fiber.

"Basically what Google is telling me is that you missed the deadline. You didn't live here in time so you get to go to the competition," Riddle said.

In an email to Call For Action Wednesday, a spokesman said, "Wanted to let you know that we've re-opened Fiber sign-ups for folks in qualified KC areas."

If you are interested in signing up, consumers should go to Google's blog and sign up.  

In March of next year, Google states people in Kansas City, North, South Kansas City, Mo., Gladstone, Grandview and Raytown will be able to start signing up for Google Fiber. 

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