Card skimmers claim more victims at JoCo gas station

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Leawood police have received 24 reports from people stating someone tampered with their credit cards. All the victims purchased gas at a station at 130th and State Line Road.

When contacted by phone, the station owner said thieves somehow installed a credit card skimming device by breaking into a gas pump and inserting a chip to intercept credit card information.

The owner said he has stepped up efforts to protect his customers by inspecting pumps daily.

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Steve Mulcahy purchased gas at a different station. Last week, Mulcahy's bank contacted him saying thieves had swiped his debit card information.

"I've never really thought about it. I always thought my credit card would be safe using it at a gas station or ATM or anywhere," he said.

For local gas station owners, the problem of credit card skimming is new. The crime continues to baffle customers, gas station owners, bank managers and investigators. 

Last year, Tampa police released video of a man believed to be installing a credit card skimmer to a bank ATM. 

A YouTube video shows someone installing a credit card skimming device at the ATM. The device reads your card information, which thieves then sell or use it to create new credit cards.

Camera devices can also be illegally installed to steal your debit card pin number.   

For consumers concerned about protecting their credit card information when buying gas, police recommend you pay the gas station attendant with your credit card or simply pay with cash.

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