Utility company fixes problem in man's driveway, but leaves one behind

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's common to find big metal plates covering holes in the street throughout Kansas City.  Now, imagine coming home and finding one sitting in your driveway.

John Turrentine has to deal with one every time he pulls his car in and out of his driveway.

A Missouri Gas Energy crew used the plate to cover a six inch hole at the foot of his driveway while repairing a gas leak in the Kansas City neighborhood. That was the beginning of June.

MGE hasn't been back to fix it.

"When the gas bill comes, they're going to want the gas bill paid.  But they leaving this leaves a bad taste in your mouth," Turrentine said.

Metal spikes hold the plate in place.  Besides his concern for tire damage, Turrentine is upset with big cracks he said were left in his driveway by the utility crew.  He said he contacted MGE twice but got nowhere. That is when he contacted Call for Action.

"So, I figured I would call you guys see if you could help," he said.

Call for Action contacted an MGE spokesman who said they would look into the matter.  Last week, a crew returned to Turrentine's home to fix the hole.

Now, the metal plate, the hole and even the cracks in the driveway are all gone.  The entire damaged section has been replaced with new concrete, much to Turrentine's surprise.

"You got a right to be treated fair. Call for Action gave me an opportunity to be treated fair," said Turrentine.

If this happens to you with a utility company, it is best to go online to find out how to report the property damage.  Document and write down every time you contact them. Good record keeping is important if you feel you get the run around.  If you feel you are getting nowhere, contact Call for Action.

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