Watch out for these top Affordable Care Act scams

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Affordable Care Act is creating confusion and opportunity for scam artists. 

Forbes Magazine recently listed top scams to avoid with ACA such as the bogus government employee call. where someone calls claiming to be with the federal government as a way to get your personal information.  

The magazine also warns about the phony Obamacare Card.  The Better Business Bureau issued a warning about scam artists who call and try to get your social security number offering to send out the fake card.  

Another scam involves bogus insurance navigators. They will call and email you trying to steal your identity or sell insurance. Again, do not fall for it. 

Legitimate navigators, or Marketplace Counselors, are set up to help consumers across the metro.  A staff member with Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center set up at the Kansas City Health Department Wednesday to help those with questions.  

"The system is working faster every day," Irazema Siqueiros said. "We have been able to send applications out finally. That's how far we have gone."

Here is a list of the locations where you can meet a Marketplace counselor to help you through the sign up process:

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