Ways to avoid the extra charges when renting a car

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When you make a reservation for a rental car, you expect the quoted price. But sometime, you are hit with sticker shock.

Renting a car can be frustrating and expensive. An article in Money Talk News explains how to avoid the rental car "gotchas."

  1.  Avoid the upgrade unless it's offered for free.
  2.  Avoid returning the car at a different location than pickup.
  3.  To avoid a cleaning fee, don't smoke.

For a cheaper rate, take a cab or public transportation to a rental car location away from the airport to avoid surcharges. Check with your insurance or credit card company to see the kinds of coverage they provide for rental cars.

If you're 25 or younger, expect to pay higher rates than those quoted online.

Do you have tips on how to avoid add on charges when renting a car? Let us know. 



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