Window cleaning company accused of deceiving customers

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Several area homeowners are upset after spending nearly $90 a gallon for a cleaning product called Tuf Job.  For that price, the salesman promised each customer that a crew would return in the spring to wash windows in their home.

Now, Call for Action has learned the company associated with Tuf Job and its owner have been in trouble before for deceiving consumers. 

The Tuf Job label lists the company, Crown Products, along with a P.O. Box.  In 2012, the Johnson County District Attorney’s office slapped Crown Products and its owner Joy Edge with a consent judgment due to violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. 

Court records show the company engaged in “deceptive acts and practices.” 

The judgment orders Edge to give their customers of door-to-door sales “notice of cancelation" in duplicate. Edge has also been ordered to wait five days after a sale before cashing any check or charging any credit card.

In December and January, several people in the Mills Farm subdivision in south Overland Park bought the Tuf Job cleaning solution from salesman David Lowry.   Lowry told customers to make checks payable to Joy Edge.  Bank records show some checks were cashed the next day, instead of waiting five days as required by the court order.  None of the customers who contacted Call for Action say they were told they had a right to cancel.

"When I tried to get ahold of him (Lowry), of course, the song and dance… The run around,” Angie Hernandez said. “I also heard from others in the neighborhood who hadn't been able to get ahold of him either." 

Lowry promised Call for Action to refund the several customers who contacted us. 

“My bottom line is this, if they want their money back, call me,” Lowry said.   

So far though, no one has received their money. 

If you have purchased Tuf Job and are trying to get a refund, the Johnson County DA’s office would like to hear from you.  You can file a complaint with the office’s consumer division .

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