Woman fears for safety after ex uses restraining order to get an ID

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman who got a restraining order against her ex-husband is concerned about her safety after her ex somehow used it to get a driver’s license listing her new address.

The woman who contacted Call for Action does not want to be identified, saying she has worked hard to distance herself and her three kids from Nicholas Destefano.

"I just want to be safe. I really want to feel safe," she said. 

The protection order dated in May states Destefano cannot "commit or threaten to commit domestic violence, stalk, molest or disturb" his ex-wife.

She says Destefano is homeless. Right now, he is booked into the Jackson County jail for a probation violation and driving while suspended.

This week, a letter from the Missouri Driver License Bureau arrived in the mail at her new home. Her ex-husband's new driver's license lists her address as his. 

"I was really angry, really, really angry,” she said.

She says she recently got a call from one of Destefano's friends saying he used the restraining order at the Raytown DMV to get the new ID. That protection order lists her new address right after it states he cannot "enter or stay upon the premises wherever the petitioner may reside." 

She wonders how this could have happened.

"When you are looking at something that clearly in bold print says adult, abuse, stalk order of protection, why couldn't you just pay attention a little bit?" she asked.

Call for Action contacted the Missouri Department of Revenue which issued the following statement:  "Missouri license offices are operated by independent contractors. The Department of Revenue will contact the contractor and look into the situation to prevent this from happening again."

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