Connecticut senator proposes "a la carte" cable option

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Imagine being able to buy only the cable channels you want to watch.

The so-called Television Consumer Freedom Act, proposed by a Connecticut senator, is getting good reception.

The proposed act would give cable customers the option to buy their programming "a la carte" instead of in bundles.

"I think that's great," cable customer Lizzy Searing said.

"I think it's potentially a good idea because you end up paying for a lot of stuff you don't watch," another customer Grant Rodriguez said.

Alan Klatsky agrees, too. He recently canceled an entertainment package for just that reason.

"I wanted Turner Classic Movies as a channel and we had to take a whole bundle with that. So we finally canceled it," Klatsky said.

While consumers acknowledge they will likely pay one way or another, those we spoke with seem to prefer the a la carte option.

Like Georgeanne Cohen, who says she doesn't need a bundle, but right now, she's got no choice.

"We don't watch most channels but we do buy the whole package to get those that we want," Cohen said.

Right now, there are regulatory barriers that prevent cable companies from offering programming a la carte. The proposed legislation would make those barriers illegal.

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