6 things to never say to your insurance company

Don't Waste Your Money

At some point... we all have to call our insurance agent, whether it's because we had a car accident, something was stolen or our house was damaged.

But before you do, you should know about some words to never say to your insurance company.

Does your house have water damage? Did you hit someone else's car?

A new report by Insure.com includes six terms you should never use when making an insurance report.

Car Accident No-No's

- "I'm sorry:"  it implies something was your fault, and could cause insurance to deny your claim.

- "Intentional:" Insurance typically won't cover damage caused by a domestic fight, for instance.  Remember Carrie Underwood singing how she "stuck her key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4-wheel drive?"  Uh-huh.  Not covered.

"I'm fine:" Saying this after someone rear ends your car can make it tough to win a court case if it turns out you were hurt.  People often find out they were hurt the day after the crash, not 2 minutes after it happens. Don't say this to the police officer, either.

- "Breakdown:" Insurance won't cover car breakdowns.

Home Claim No-No's

And from the doesn't that stink file, two words not to use when filing a claim about damage to your home.

- "Mold:" Insurance typically will deny a claim if you have mold in your home. You'll have to foot the bill, and will say "doesn't that stink?"

- "Termites:"  Another word that can lead to your claim being denied.

So take a minute to collect your thoughts, and think carefully before you talk to an insurance adjustor.
That way you don't waste your money.


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