College-bound students warned of paying for FAFSA

(WCPO) - It's the time of year students are hunting for financial aid. Unfortunately, questionable companies are offering to help, but many times just take your hard earned money.

Andy Furman is a nationally syndicated radio sports talk host. But he failed to spot a questionable website when looking for financial aid for his college bound son.

"They said go to the website, I had no idea there was another website.  When I Googled FAFSA, I got,” Furman said.

FAFSA means free application for federal student aid. Again, the word “free” is in the title.

"There's a charge for $118 and I was told by the university it should be a free site.  So I really got upset,” he said.

Sites like and are not scams, but they are charging you for something you don’t need to pay for.

The Better Business Bureau said parents need to watch for websites targeting teens headed for college that charge parents for what they can get for free.

"So I ain't paying it. I ain't paying it!" Furman said.

Furman was able to get a refund for what he paid, possibly because he complained.

Bottom line:  look for “.gov” in government aid sites so you are not paying for something you should get for free.

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