Ways to help cut your expenses in 2014

(DWYM) - Many of us are about to receive our first credit card bills of 2014. And if your family had a great Christmas with lots of toys and gadgets under the tree, it's now time to pay the bill.

Here are some simple ways to cut your expenses this New Year.

January is a great month to review your budget and tighten the belt a bit, according to AOL Daily Finance

Now that the holidays are over, many people stay out of the mall and avoid restaurants for a month as they try to pay down that holiday debt. But you don't have to go to that far.

Daily Finance says:

-Join restaurant e-mail clubs: many will be offering deals and coupons this slow time of year.
-Cook one more meal per week at home.
-Call the cable or satellite company and ask for a better deal. Many will lower your rate if you are thinking of cutting the cord.
--Call your credit card company and ask for a lower rate or balance transfer deal.

Everyone vows to spend less in the New Year, but by spring we forget that vow. That's why you should make those calls for better deals now, and not wait.

Daily Finance says look over your cell phone bill; if you are you paying over $100 a month, call your provider and ask if they can trim that bill a bit. Or shop around with other carriers then ask your provider to match the lower price you find.

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