Vintage Barbecue hopes third time's the charm at joint where others have failed

Two other barbecues came, went in same spot

SHAWNEE, Kan. - We know the barbecue business in Kansas City is competitive, and tonight there's a new player in Shawnee, Kan.

John Hawkins and his son have opened Vintage Barbecue at the corner of Johnson Drive and Halsey Avenue.

Two other barbecue restaurants have come and gone in the same building, but John Hawkins Jr. believes the family recipe and word of mouth advertising will make the third time a charm.

"I do a lot of the handing out of the flyers at the businesses," John Hawkins Jr. said, "and even before I hit the business they tell me ‘Oh, I already know you guys are there.' That's great."

John Hawkins Sr. says long hours and hard work will make the restaurant successful.

He says their ribs are so tender "You don't need teeth."

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