Experts warn costume contacts could cause infection

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Experts are warning against using decorative contact lenses for Halloween.

The lenses are used to change the color or appearance of their eyes that goes along with their Halloween costume.

They are supposed to be sold only with a prescription, but some vendors are selling them over the counter.

The FDA urges consumers not to buy them from a Halloween store, salon or online if the shops do not require a prescription.

If not used properly, they can cause infections, ulcers and even blindness in some cases.

"You can get permanent damage from scarring or a bad ulcer or something along those lines. It can really have devastating effects on their vision, long term," optometrist Dr. Gary Nadolsky said.

If you really want the lenses, you're encouraged to talk to an eye doctor where they can find ones that have been approved for safety and make sure they fit you properly.

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