Gas prices 'crashing,' and should drop even lower in coming days

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Gas prices in Missouri, Kansas and across the country have plummeted over the past two months, and the cost of a gallon of fuel is expected to drop even lower.

"This has been a true price crash," said Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the Lundberg Survey.

Missouri continues to have the lowest prices in the country, with drivers in the state paying an average of just $3.046 for a gallon of unleaded gasoline, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

Kansas isn't far behind. Prices in the Sunflower State are the 10th-lowest in the country at $3.182.

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Both states, where prices have dropped about 60 cents since the end of September, are well below the national average of $3.340.

In the Kansas City area, prices are even lower, according to AAA. On the Missouri side, Kansas City drivers are paying $3.043, just below the state average. In Kansas City, Kan., the average price is $3.137, 4.5 cents below the state average.

St. Louis has the lowest price of any metro area in either state. Drivers there are paying just $2.985 per gallon.

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"This crash began back when refining problems around the country were being fixed, one after the other, at the same time that our seasonal gasoline demand was shrinking," Lundberg said.

Crude oil prices have also dropped after having risen steadily.

Prices at the pump should drop even more in the coming days, as refiners cut how much they're charging distributors and retailers, Lundberg said.

You can find an updated map of Kansas City gas prices, plus a list of the 10 cheapest local gas stations at .

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