Gas prices jump overnight

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Just as soon as Memorial Day hits, you know a gas price increase is sure to follow.  Overnight, local gas stations say the price went up about 13 cents, a big shock to customers at the pump.

Typically, they go up in the summer because of temperatures.

Oil producers create a more expensive summer blend and there's an increased driving demand as people head to summer vacation hotspots.

Analysts said the early increase comes because Gulf Coast refineries are exporting more gasoline to Latin America.

But prices typically go down by Labor Day. This year, the high is predicted to hit early.

In fact, some analysts at the Energy Information Administration predict the prices at the pump may even fall because crude oil production is up and global demand is down.

Still, when it spikes overnight it immediately affects some businesses.

Keith Bryant at P & K Lawn Service said he feels effects of gas increases immediately.

Still, most businesses will not immediately pass the increased cost onto the customer because the price of an item was either set several months ago or the businesses know the consumer can't or won't pay a higher price. 

This has led Bryant to get creative. He said his truck will be pulling a lighter load.

"You can't pull all your equipment because it costs," he said.

But consumers don't always have a choice in what they pay. Since most people have to drive, they'll be stuck with less money in their wallet after a trip to the pump. 

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