Groupon, LivingSocial offer gun-related discounts

Group deals are everywhere, offering deep discounts on restaurants, products, shopping, and more.

Nowadays, you can find a great deal on just about everything -- including safety classes required for gun permits.

When group deal sites first started, they were mostly geared toward women who were looking to save a few dollars for their family.

Now, the deals target a wide variety of consumers, who expect variety and creativity everyday.

Since last year, Mike Mosher of Tactical Simulation Solutions, has been teaching concealed and carry classes to hundreds looking to get their permit.

"It's no longer taboo to say you have a concealed and carry permit. It's mainstream. It's something that society wants," Mosher said.

Many are rushing to take the required classes, especially when they are offered at a discounted rate.

Nearly 200 customers got a great bang for their buck this week, saving 54 percent on Mosher's class, all thanks to Groupon.

"I think using the Groupon helps normalize that it's something that doctors can do, and lawyers can do, and people that work in fast food restaurants can do," Mosher said. "All walks of society need to be able to protect themselves."

The idea has become so mainstream, that on the same day as Mosher's deal, Don Pind with Show-Me Shooters in Claycomo, Mo., offered a three-hour safety class at his shooting range. The savings on his deal at was 51 percent.

"We were looking for a way of doing larger groups of training," Pind said.

Even though their profits will not be as high as usual, both Mosher and Pind said the new avenue of marketing has proven that group deals are no longer just for a cheap lunch or day at the spa.

"A lot of people have been considering it. It's been something they've been wanting, and they just haven't known where to go get it, or it hasn't been affordable for them," Mosher said.

"Hopefully, it will gain customers," Pind added.

Groupon spokesperson Julie Mossler said concealed-carry classes have recently run in other markets, and have performed well.

Deals like this appear mostly based on consumer wants and needs.

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