High phone bill? No data usage? Facebook's 'autoplay' may be the culprit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Have you noticed an increase in your data usage on your bill? Your Facebook app may be to blame.

The site Money Saving Expert got down to the heart of the problem. When you open your Facebook  app, you may notice videos people post automatically start playing.

This happens on 3G and 4G connections, as well as Wi-Fi. This can cause users to reach their data limit and their wits end.

Turning off the autoplay feature can help. Here's how for iPhone and Android phones. 

For iPhones:

  • Click Settings:
    •   Facebook (Settings)
      • Autoplay
        • Then on, off, and WiFi settings can be turned on or off

For Android phones:

  • Facebook Account Settings
    • Then App Settings
      • General Settings
        •   Autoplay only, WiFi, Off

If you want to complain about previous charges, you should talk to your cell phone provider. If that doesn't work, the Better Business Bureau will listen.

As a last resort, you may talk with the Federal Communications Commission.

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