How easy is it to get your Target Card replaced?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Even if you haven't noticed any unexpected charges on your bank statements, you can still request a new Target Card.

When Target first announced the security breach, many customers complained the wait on the phone was long. So, we wanted to know how long it would take during a peak time of day and how easy it would be to get a replacement card.

Within 10 seconds of dialing, we got the first recording thanking us for calling Target. That was followed by a message reminding all customers of the free credit monitoring and identity theft protection the company is providing for one year. The next message was a reassurance to the caller.

"We want you to know that you have zero liability for any fraudulent charges arising from the breach," phone recording said.

About a minute into the call, it takes a couple prompts to get to the card option before you have to enter your Target Card number followed by the pound sign. About twenty seconds after that, I got to speak to an operator.

I explained I was calling for a replacement card. The operator asked if I had lost my card or if it was because of the data breach. After I told her it was due to the data breach, she responded, "No problem. I can definitely reissue you a new card."

Next, she doubled checked my last purchase and told me to cut up my old card. The entire call took less than five minutes and the operator said my new card would arrive between seven and 10 days.

Jana Castanon, Media Relations Manager with Apprisen, isn't surprised Target is making the process as easy as possible.

"(Target) Taking this very seriously and knowing their reputation is at stake," Castanon said.

Target is now stepping up to gain back the trust it lost when hackers stole not only card numbers but consumer confidence.

"Every business out there is taking a closer look at their security systems to make sure that number one, they haven't been breached and two, to learn from what this has happened to upgrade their security measures," Castanon said.

Remember, if you have any doubt call target and your bank.

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