Microsoft operating system change could put businesses, consumers at risk

Time running out for businesses to safeguard

LIBERTY, Mo. - According to Microsoft, anyone still using Windows XP operating system come April 8 will no longer receive technical support or security updates.

“Somebody hacks a few credit cards and it really hurts the business,” Paul Janasz said, who manages the Rock and Run Brewery in Liberty.

Janasz made sure to upgrade his restaurant’s security system in light of the changes.

“If you can’t afford prevention how are you going to prevent disease?” he said.

Computer tech experts like John Cordry said not having security updates can expose computer data to security breaches. He said businesses are especially at risk, customers included.

"It’s just going to be easier and easier for those viruses and attackers to take advantage of data breaches and credit card fraud,” he said.  

Upgrading systems can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, however, according to Cordry, getting hacked can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For Janasz, not switching is a gamble.

“To not take that step ahead of time to make sure you’re doing the right thing can cost you a lot more down the road," he said.

Financial experts suggest consumers check their bank accounts often, set up alerts for any kind of unusual transactions and set up their accounts to require a pin number for all purchases.

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