Residents in Ottawa, Kan., confident winning powerball ticket will be sold there

Ottawa, Kan. - One Kansas community is confident it will beat all odds to win the Powerball ticket.

Residents in Ottawa rushed to the Casey's General Store on Wednesday, hopeful the winning Powerball ticket would be purchased there.

Most of them were banking on past luck to bring them big money.

"There's been a lot of excitement, with customers wondering if lightening is going to hit twice, and if we can really sell another winner," store manager Tina Henricks said.

The previous big winner took home one of three Mega Millions tickets in April.

That jackpot was worth more than $650 million.

Seven months later, most residents -- including those who work at Casey's -- still do not know who bought the ticket.

"I honestly do not know. That has been kept under wraps," Henricks said.

"I wish I knew who that was. He'd be my best buddy," Vic Bishop joked.

Buddy or not, because of that winner, the store has now become a lottery hot spot.

"Some people I'm visiting told me you have to go to Casey's to buy your ticket, because that's where they've had plenty of other winners," Mike Ligouri of Shawnee, Okla., said.

With winning tickets comes a big profit for the business as well. Each store that sells a winning ticket pockets a $10,000 selling bonus.

"We're going to show that it can happen again," Henricks said.

Patrons agree, it is a great possibility.

"I'm holding the winning ticket," Ligouri said as he held up his ticket.

"I have the winning Powerball ticket worth $500 Million," Jay Scott of Wellsville said, holding on tight to his ticket.

"Tomorrow I'll be rich!" Michelle Braaten of Ottawa proclaimed.

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