Sold out: customer complains KC florist still advertising Valentine's Day special

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A viewer contacted us concerned a local flower shop at 350 Highway and Noland Road was pulling a bait-and-switch scheme to get customers in the door.

When you drive by KC Rose, you can't miss all the signs advertising a Valentine's Day special of two dozen roses for $14.99. When you get inside, you find out pretty quickly the special is over. But there are other specials for bouquets.

We asked a manager about the special and we were told the shop ran out earlier this morning and they weren't getting any more roses in at that price. They still had plenty of roses and carnations and were not offering a rain check or any other flowers at the advertised price.

We asked about whether customers had ever complained and what they would say if someone considered their business advertisement a bait-and-switch scheme .

"Nope. We never get anyone who yells at us, we have such good prices, we have the same people over and over all the time every year," the manager said.

We checked with the Missouri Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau and neither had any complaints for a business under that name on file.

The AG's office encourages consumers to file a report if they are ever concerned over business advertisements. You can file a report here:

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